I love “Old Photo’s”

kb la santa

A Rare Photo of me, Keith Beddoe, trying out a board that I have not shaped!!

Not such a foolish idea really, it is always good to try all the options, or in this case “Competitors” offerings.

This board performed well, but just did not have that natural “Glide” that I always look for in a modern longboard.

I have ridden many many boards, just to make sure I am not going in the “Wrong Direction” with my own shapes and models…. I believe that I am on track.

Sure not every board that I shape is perfect, and this is the reason that I make several boards of any new model, and try them myself…. fine tuning as I go, getting family and friends to use them BEFORE launching them on the general surfing population.

It is called research and development….. and let me tell you…. a pretty tough job it is… all that shaping, then surfing, then travelling and more surfing…. just to make sure that my customers get a board that is actually going to work…

Custom Order Longboards are always a little different, this is where my knowledge and skill comes in, I know certain templates and combination of shaping criteria actually work… but as always there is no substitute for actually riding the board….. one of the reasons I am so keen on “Feedback” from my Custom Orders.

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