In the “Money”

Katy in crowd

Katy makes her way through the crowd on Fistral for another heat. At the “Boardmaster’s” surf competition at Fistral Beach this week-end.

Surf was mixed for the Woman’s WSL longboard event, the earlier rounds were held in small, cleanish waves, where Katy did enough to progress through into the Man on man rounds…. and the “Money”.

As this is a “Pro” event, and part of the World Surf League series of events, there was prize money…. so Katy was in the “Money” by the end of day 1. And although only $100.00 (US DOLLARS), she was very pleased with herself.

Finals day was more serious, the swell had picked up and the competition from the 4 women from France and Reunion was going to make it difficult for the UK girls. 4 UK girls and 4 International girls into the last 8…..with Katy loosing to the better of the Reunion surfers who actually came 2nd in the final.

Katy was on the correct board for the 1st day, but possibly should have gone with her 9′ 0″ “Performance” model for the bigger surf on the 2nd day…. even though her 9′ 6″ “Easy Nose-Rider went well in the bigger waves, paddling “it” out did look like hard work!

Well done Katy…. don’t spend all your “Prize Money” in one go!!

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