It just keeps rolling in.


The Swells just keep “Rolling in”!

This must have been the best “Off Season” J bay has had for years, I come here most years at this time…. Jan, Feb and March…. mainly to get away from the bad weather of the UK and Northern Europe winter….. and to get some Summer Surf here too…. but his season has been “Epic”.

Almost Swell after Swell, ranging from shoulder high to 2.5 times head high….. with loads and loads of 1.5 times head high….. just how I now like it!CIMG3538

These 2 Early Morning Surf Check photo’s were taken a few days ago…. and signal another “Long hard day in the Office” for me….. One of the reasons I come here is to re-charge the batteries sort of thing…. but I find myself pretty knackered most of the time…. But happy!

This part of Africa may have some issues, but geographically…. It is stunning. I do love J Bay.

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