It’s ready…. just need some waves!

The guys at the factory did a great job in getting my new board ready in “Double Quick” time.

All I need now is some surf to test ride it in.

CIMG6052The dimensions do not sound spectacular, at 9′ 0″ x 22 7/8″ x 2 7/8″, but the size is not the real story, it is all about the subtle blending of the volume. I did a “Magical Job” when I shaped the Original, and I have tried to replicate it a few times but without total success…. hopefully this time I have got it right. (Even though I have used the “Hi Tech” approach of the CAD machine.)

The glassing is on the lighter side too, which goes against what I usually preach, but I am really keen to replace my Old Faithful, which also ended up lighter than I usually have.

Roll on the head high and clean days.

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