J Bay does not dissapoint for long.


1st day was small and onshore, 2nd day was very similar….. but on the 3rd day, the “Big Guy” sent us some waves!!

Not so big, and not so perfect, but with the water touching 25 degrees C and the air over 30 Degree’s C…. it seamed more like the “Tropic’s” than South Africa!

Half the guys in the line up were in “shorts” …. including me. I was not expecting that.

Waves had a little wobble, but it was sooooo nice to just “Surf”, had about a dozen or so, before the tide got a little too high….. should have gone for the early session, but a bottle of cheap red wine scuppered that plan….. when I say cheap….. the wine was a quality product, but with over 22 Rand to the pound….. most things seam “Cheap” at the moment!!

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