J bay not yet doing it’s thing

Ged,Haz and Evie

5 Days into the trip…. and the swell has dropped off, still small waves today, but as it is Sunday, it is too busy for the amount of waves comming through…. but lets get this into perspective…. 10 guys out…. not 100…. and still waist high on the sets.

As the heat builds up throughout the day…. the back garden Jacuzzi seams well worth the money. I do not put the heaters on…. and use is more of a cool down plunge pool with bubbles rather than a traditional Jacuzzi… BUT yeasterday, the water got up to 34 degrees C and that is without any heating….WOW! African Sun can be brutal!

Swell forcast is small for the next couple of days…. but wind is forecast off shore…. so after the weekend crew have gone…. could be some really nice small “perfect peelers” to play on.

Camera is now ready……

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