J bay summer review 2019


It has not been the best summer in J bay for swell consistency.

Sure when the swell is up, and the wind conditions are favourable ….J bay is pretty damn special, but this season has just not produced the goods often enough.

I have checked my dates for previous years, and checked the photo’s for those dates… and it is not just selective memory…. it has just not been an “Epic” Summer!CIMG9052

The UK has had it’s best “Winter” in a decade…. but it has been cold, and that is the main reason I am in SA…. it is summer here, and that means Day after Day of little rain, and wall to wall sunshine. So, for my personal preference, J Bay Summer, is still better than the UK winter.

africa twin 1

On the plus side…. I have had a great time on “Alternative” Summer Activities….Like my Honda Africa Twin. Geraldine (my wife) and I have had a few Bike Trips out into the interior, well 50 miles or so, to get a flavour of the real South Africa….. and pretty good fun it has been. I have also been doing House DIY, something that has to be done to protect one’s investment.

But sadly, I have spent many hours checking the forecasts and willing them to be a little better.

Ah Well!, not such a great Summer for waves in J bay this time…. I will just have to come back later in the year….Boom!!

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