J Bay trip almost “Done and Dusted”


Well another South Africa sojourn is nearly over. 5 weeks seems a long time when you book, but when it is time to come home…. I want to stay longer.

Especially as SA is now coming into autumn and the swells are becoming noticeably strong, if not much bigger, but the midday sun is still high… and more importantly warm on your body. CIMG7521

The days here drift into one another, the usual routine is up early, check the surf. If it is looking very good, grab a board and go, if it is looking small and good, maybe drive to the point to check, and decide “Now or Later”, as different tides can affect the size a little, and the morning crew will have had their fill, leaving a more empty line up later.

Home time it is, even if I am not keen, but hey, I have boards to shape and people to see, so it is not all bad, and I will soon be home, and into the swing of my UK life, up early, check the surf and plan the day, “Surf or Work” always a tough one!CIMG3695

The order books are slowly filling up, UK summer is just around the corner, so call me if you need/want a new ‘mal, and we can chat. I do not have any new magic idea’s after this trip, but I am refining my bottom curve a little after borrowing a “Locals” board over here…. should be able to introduce a performance board with a little more Old Skool Trim and Glide flavour.

In the meantime I have just a couple of days left to surf J bay….. ahhh!

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