Jeffrey’s Bay recap to date

9 0 performerIt is the 3rd week in Feb 2015 and I have been in J bay now for 7 weeks. Time flies when you are having fun, it seams like only a few weeks have passed since I left the Cold and Damp of the UK….

It has been a GOOD trip thus far…. but then J Bay always is. The weather has been a little less predictable than usual, and so has the surf, some forecasts not living up to expectations and other exceeding them….. We have had few bigger days, which is a little dissapointing, but loads and loads of small to medium perfection.

Even when “Point” ….. my favourite wave in Jeffreys bay, is not perfect…. compared to the summer waves I usually surf in Cornwall, it is pretty amazing…. and then throw into the mix, the lack of competitive crowds here in the SA Summer Months, and J Bay is a truly spectacular surf destination at this time of the year. IMGP9642

I have been riding 2 longboards in the main….. my trusty “Log” which is a beaten up old 9 4″ KB Traditional noserider…. great for the really small days, and my now “Goto” board which is a 9′ 0″ BEAR Performance Noserider….. which I am using now with a big single fin…. and having Wall to Wall “FUN”

I am shaping a new Longboard next week…. here in J Bay, I have “Fine Tuned” my idea’s for a new Performanc Nose-Rider…. I just need to “Put it into practice”, so a new blank has been oredered and I will be “Mowing Foam” on Monday/Tuesday.

Autumn in South Africa is just around the corner…. and than means a couple of things…. cooler mornings and evening…. but more importantly…. more swell, and more offshore winds….Yippee!!

March is often a “Top” month for swell in J Bay…. lets hope so.

Still time for you and your mate/wife to get out here for a “Quick” couple of weeks…. staying with me… at “Chez Beddoe”….. I will collect you from the airport, look after you, feed you (3 meals a day) and surf with you…. all for less than the cost of a local Bed & Breakfast….. E mail me for more details….KB

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