Jeffrey’s Bay here we come

Another nice one at The Point

It is that time of year…. the excitement of Christmas with the family, all the present opening and the excesses of the New Year Celebrations are all over….. just maybe a little more “Turkey Curry” and the wine no one wanted to drink are all that remain of this time.

The weather is “Shite” even if the winter swells are here, it is usually cold, raining and windy.

I am off….AGAIN…. to J Bay, for the remainder of the Winter Season…. Yeah I know….. “Lucky Me”. I will be back in Newquay just after Easter 2016.

I still have a couple of spots available for my J Bay Surf Clinic…..

The Deal…. you buy a plane ticket to Port Elizabeth in South Africa…. and I will do the rest.

I will collect you from and return you to the Airport (Port Elizabeth), I will provide you with accommodation…. in a Double/Twin room (shared bathroom) for the duration of your stay. I provide breakfast and dinner, you eat with me and the rest of the family. (I and Geraldine, my wife, do all the cooking etc.etc.

We surf as much as possible, either here in J bay, at one of the 7 waves on offer, depending on size and conditions…. or we can drive looking for waves elsewhere if J Bay is not a good as it could be. Seal Point, and the Cape St Francis area are only 30 minutes in the car!

All this for no more than the price of a local B&B…. about £25.00 per night per person.

I take all the hassle and worry out of this type of trip…. I have been coming to J Bay now for more than 10 years, so I know all the possible issues and problems (So I can protect you from them)….. I keep coming back because it is soooooo good at this time of year, especially for “Longboarding”. Not to mention it is like having a “2nd Summer” for me, the weather is just excellent…. although you will still need a summer suit in the water.

I have a full quiver of boards, should you want to travel “Light”

E Mail me for more info.

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