A stunning day, with all the points firing.


This is a photo of “Albatross”, a lesser known “Point/Reef break in J bay, today it could have been the best kept secret of any “Secret Spot”

I just rocked up to take a photo, trying to get a shot of all the “Points” in the same 30 mins to show how good they can all be at a similar time and tide…. and to my complete surprise, Albatross was “Perfect” around head and a half high and running down the reef… and not a surfer in sight.CIMG3615

The next shot (above) is of “Tubes”, a stand alone wave, that can get very good indeed. A lot shorter and more intense than “The Point” more of a shortboard wave and when a little bigger (like later on this day) it can get pretty serious.

I ride Tubes occasionally, when I am in the “Shortboard” mood, it is very much like my UK favourite wave…. Porthleven. Only warmer and less crowded…. but not any better…. Porthleven is a very good wave indeed.CIMG3631 The swell lines were really stacked to the horizon today…. what a great sight. Even though J Bay is protected, it can still get pretty big…. it must have been huge on the expossed breaks today.

CIMG3608 Then we come to Supertubes…. what a sight. Almost perfection, but here is the rub….. because of it’s “Known” quality, it does get busy…. I counted 36 guys in the water, and never saw an average surfer on a wave…. ALL the guys are good out here.


An finally to “Point”, my favourite wave in the world right now. It is most things to most people, on the samaller days it is Longboard Heaven, on the medium days it can be short or longboard heaven….. and on the bigger days, well you can choose, it is just a bit of a paddle off the rocks on a long board, I did see 2 boards snapped today!! The real bonus for “Point” is it is only 1,000 metres down the headland from the end of Supertubes…. and “Everyone” want to surf there, so Point gets a little overlooked. It is also sort of known as “Old Mans”, “Kiddies Corner” etc.etc, but if you want more waves than testosterone battles….. Point it is!

It is hard to believe that all the above photo’s were taken within 30 minutes of each other, and all these spots are only a few thousand metres apart. J bay, when all the “Points” are firing is a truly stunning place.

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