Katy at “English Nationals”

Katy and Emily at Watergate
Katy had a real tough Semi Final at the English Contest held at Watergate recently, and did not make the Finals this year.

But as I pointed out…. everyone is good once you are down to only 8 surfers.

The surf was not good, in fact it was very poor, I always feel that “National Events” should have a “Waiting Period” but I do understand the logistics in this sort of event, Katy Nose Watergate

Katy Turn Watergate with all the amateur guys having to travel, sometimes from “far off” just to compete. But is it a pity that the waves were not better.

Is is very difficult to motivate yourself to “Do your best” in only 15 or 20 minutes when you would not have actually gone into the water…. had it not been for the contest, but it is the same for all the competitors… but some are more able to “Self Motivate” and maybe, this is what makes a good “Competition Surfer”… especially as most comps in the UK are held in less than good surf.

Well Done to Katy, and all the girls in the Womens Longboard Event.

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