Katy at the 1st BLU

Katy at BLU SauntonSands

……So Katy has made her start on the BLU Contest Series 2015.

The 1st event was at Saunton Sands in North Devon.

The waves as you can see were pretty small and messy for the “Heats”… and the conditions got worse as the tide came in and worse again on the Sunday.

This did not bother Katy too much, as she did not get through her First Round Heat.

Again nervous energy got a hold on the usually “Calm Katy”, and she just did not surf up to her potential…..

…. on one negative note, the heats for the Ladies Event were either not seeded well, or not seeded at all. With heats 1 and 2 having no surfers that should have progressed into the next round, Heat 3 was about right, seeding wise, but in Heat 4 (Katy’s heat) all 4 competitors should have gone through to the next round…. and in fact 2 of the girls in this heat actually finished 2nd and 3rd in the overall event.

The “Girls” pay their money too, just like the “Boys” but I get a sense that the Ladies Event is just not taken so seriously…. which is a pity from a spectators point of view, and very disheartening for the competitors.Katy at Saunton BLU

As the waves were “Small”, Katy used my Longboard, just a little more volume etc.etc. I am in the process of making her a new Nose-Rider…. specifically with this type of wave in mind….

Better Luck next time Katy… at the English Nationals at Watergate Bay this week-end 2nd and 3rd May 2015.

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