Katy chases the silverware!


Katy at the Jesus Longboard Event at Polzeath.

In her 1st “Real” longboard comp, “Katy does good”.

Very nervous and as a result, not surfing up to her potential…. or anywhere near to be honest, Katy bags a 2nd place in the Women’s division.

Katy at Polzeath

If she had not had these good nose rides it could have been a bit of a “Hollow Experience”. Katy’s technical side pulled her through in the final…. as she failed to string together all the manoevres in the relatively poor conditions. Emilie Currie took the Honours, with Clare Smails coming in a very close 3rd.

WELL DONE to all the girls.

With her new Quiver almost ready…. “Pressure On” for the next event!

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