Katy has done the course!!

Katy shaping 1Katy was keen to do my “SHAPE YOUR OWN BOARD” course…. well Done Katy.

Whilst not yet “A Shaper” you did really well. I was impressed. You showed the knowledge for the “Design Side” of surfboards like a Natural. You fully understand what makes a board go well and in what sort of waves.

Your hand shaping skills will be good with just a bit more practice. You have all the techniques well under control…Katy shaping 2
Sawing out the template and using the “Surform”, and the blocking in with the sanding pads… all very good.

We will need to work on your “Power Tools Technique”Katy shaping 3

To shape “By hand”, and not use the “Machine”…..that Power Planer needs to be your “Best Friend”…. but it does take some time to fully make that friendship….. some days “HE” can be “not your friend” at all!

Everyone should shape their own board, there is something very special about riding a board that you have shaped…. something very special indeed. And with me by your side the whole way…. it is almost impossible to go wrong….

Get in touch for more info regarding ” Shape Your Own Board” courses.

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