Katy bottom turn

Katy Beddoe (My middle daughter) is “Getting Ready” for the summer.

She is also “Getting Ready” for the 2015 contest season. After a long time away from more serious surfing due to having 2 babies, Katy is now in training for “WAVES”. She is not trying to take the “Contests” by storm this season, she justs wants to be fit for purpose.

Katy has really come on well on her new “Performance Nose Rider” that I shaped for her last year… it does go to show that having a “Good Board” is key to getting better rides, but you still have to “work” at your skills and fitness, and this is possibly why Katy has only just started to really perform well.

Surfing is all about balance, balance of effort, skill and comitment, You only ever get out…. what you put in. Katy Walk

And Katy is putting in much effort at the moment, so hopefully she will be reaping the rewards soon. I am going to put her through my “Longboard Clinic” over the comming weeks and months, with specific emphasis on “Contest Heat Training”. This is not just for competition surfers, but it is a “technique” I was shown to Sharpen up and Hone your skills, and put you in a more able to cope with the “Waves and other Surfers” situation. Ideal for any surfing application really.

I will be running this “Longboard Clinic” throughout this summer…. fitting in around wave quality and board shaping. I intend to shape when the waves are not so good. And teach when they are.

So if you too want to up to “Be up to speed” this summer…. contact me and join my “Longboard Clinic” for a few sessions.

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