Katy is Happy

Katy and Board


And so she should be, this is the board that she shaped, I was there to help, guide and assist, but apart from some of the machining, Katy did most of this board.

She is thrilled to ride something she has designed AND shaped….. she reckons that the board is just “GREAT”.

Now, is this because the board is a good one, or is it because she has had a hand in it’s creation?

Who Knows… and to be honest who cares…. as long as you are Happy with your board…. you will enjoy your surfing more.

Katy used this board, for the first time, in her 1st round heat of the recent BLU contest at Perranporth, against the usual tough opposition that she usually draws in her heats, and is usually beaten by them…. but not on her new board, she looked strong and confident, and this showed in her choice of waves and her surfing…. and as a result, won the heat.

On the “Finals” day for that competition, the surf was too small, and so the event was postponed till later in the year.

If you want to “Play” at shaping your own board, call me. I will be happy to help you be HAPPY.

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