Katy’s new board…..NOT!


This is a board I shaped for my daughter…. Katy….. ages ago.

I was glassed with this inlay material and the Bear Logos’ before I parted company with the BEAR brand.

The factory, where I have my boards finished, has been so busy, it has taken this long for it to go through the system. I suspect that as it was not a “Customers Board” it did get left in the TO DO rack longer than usual!!

As I no longer shape for BEAR, and I sponsor Katy with boards I want her to have a KB board.IMGP9380

But she will be sad not to have this beauty…. check out the “trick” Mitred Tail Blocks.

Hardwood and softwood with Red Resin Tinted Glass in between.


I am particularly proud of these…. set of with the almost 3D material inlay, and the Glassing and Gloss and Polish are to the factory’s usual high standard.

This board can be seen, and indeed purchased from SURFED OUT in North Devon

The board is a Comp Legal 9 footer, 22 1/2″ wide and 2 3/4″ thick, I have kept the rails “Low Volume”, in keeping with a true “Performance Longboard”. It has been shaped from a standard rocker blank but I have shaved of as much nose lift as possible, and also added a deep, long, nose scoop….making good nose rides a distinct possibility.

The template is pretty full, in keeping with my “Design Theory” of keeping the wide point behind the centre of the board, making that “Hip” area with the more generous curve to help with those smooth but powerful turns.

This board is not only stunning to look at…. but I am confident it will be stunning to ride too.

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