KB and Maraeniwi go “Rockerline”

Cool matching "Rockerline" Tee's guys

KB and his little Granddaughter “Maraeniwi” try out a new line in Logo Tee’s…. the New “Rockerline” brand.

The Logo and the name strike a note with me…. as the Rockerline is possibly the most important design tool in making a longboard what it is….

ie. more rocker equals more turn and performance
and less rocker equals more retro feel and nose time

the secret is how to mix and match to get the board that is correct for you…. and thats the bit I do.

The retro feel to the Rockerline “Wave” Logo is also pretty cool…..

…Daz from Rockerline says that a childs range is on the way…. well lets hope it comes soon as the “Little’un” keeps triping up in hers…..

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