KB Surfboards


A beautiful 9′ 8″ Traditional Noserider “Cruiser”.

This is the 1st board to come out of the factory with my new (but old) KB Surfboard LOGO.

I used this Logo, 15 or so years ago…. Before I was the main BEAR SHAPER here in the UK.

I have many more boards nearing completion now…. 9 Footers, right up to a 10′ 2″.

Performers and Log’s and some things in between….Tail Woodies, Material Inlays…..Colours and Resin Tints….. I think I have it all covered.

My main focus at the moment, is shaping Nose Riders…. it is as a result of getting my Daughter, Katy, up and staying on the nose…. well she gets up there OK, it is now getting that balance of “Skill”, “Confidence” and the ALL IMPORTANT correct board.

Noseridering is such a JOY, I feel it is the True Expression of Longboarding…. that slow turn, walk then hesitate, then walk right up to the tip…. and STAY THERE…. All with your shorts on and in the warm sunshine.. well we have had the sunshine…. but we are all still in wetsuits….

….but you get the idea.

I have been trying really hard to get this BALANCE on the nose rider’s right…. I feel I am really close.

I still have a couple of idea’s left to put into practice…. I need a new board….AGAIN.

SO if you are in the market for a new longboard…a longboard that you can EXPRESS yourself on, give me a shout…. SEE CONTACT PAGE

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