Longboards UK


Longboards are by their very nature…. well LONG

To be classified as a Longboard, they must measure over 9′ 0″ in length.

This measurement is taken from “Nose to Tail” in a straight line…. and this is also why most “Comp” legal boards are 9’1″ measured over the “Bottom” of the board. As if this measurement was exactly 9’0″ over the bottom curve… the “ponit to point” length would be less.

So to make sure that a board complies…. most guys go for 9′ 1″

In reality, this extra inch is not required….. in general, a longboard need only be one quarter of an inch longer over the curve to measure 9’0″ point to point.

I have almost confused myself now!!

Most “Competition Legal” boards I shape end up as 9′ 0 1/2″ over the bottom curve!

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