Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas.

I am aware that I have been a little busy, and have neglected posting on my website…..

I have begun to realise that I just do not like the bad weather that the UK winter brings…. I tend to bury my head and just do the work…. I have only surfed a handful of times since I returned from Morocco, and most of those were in poor weather conditions…. even if the surfing was actually good…..So all in all not a very positive showing from me.

I intend to do better.

I am having a family Christmas at home here in Newquay, and then I am off to J Bay in South Africa for the remainder of the Winter Season. I intend to surf more, shape a few “Prototype Boards” while I am there, to learn a little more about the combination and relationship between Rail, Rocker and Volume…. I have a few “Idea’s” in my head that I need to get out, test, and re define ready to be transferred into UK shapes upon my return at Easter 2016

I will be answering all my e mails, even on those days when the surf will be good…… So if you have any questions…… Just Ask!


I still have a few slots available for the J bay Surf Clinic 2016…. so if you fancy a Surfing Holiday in Jeffreys Bay, with all the “Grief” and “Worry” taken away….. a trip staying with me, in my house, only 400 metres from one of the best Longboard waves in the world…. where the crowds are not as bad as here in the UK…. A Clinic where all the accommodation and food and collection from the airport is included….just get in touch.

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