Modern Shape….Traditional Looks


A Custom Order all ready to be “Wrapped and Packed”.

The current flavour is for boards that are traditional in looks, but bang up to date in design.

Here we have the Performance Nose-Rider, but with “Laminated Hardwood” Tail Woodies and a Traditional Spray.


At 9′ 01/2″ the newer Performance Nose-Rider Template is still very familiar, it is almost identical to my earlier model, just with the wide point a little further back.

It is the bottom shape that is slightly refined…. a little more Roll in the tail, and slightly softer rails too. I have found this gives almost the same drive off the tail when turning, but makes the board more forgiving, and easier to get up to the nose.


The Tail Woody on a Pintail has to come in 2 halves to make it look good, just a bit more effort, but I feel it is worth it.

It adds nothing to the Performance, but boy does it look great.

A Thoroughly Modern board…. with a “Nod” to the past.

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