More KB Longboards ready soon.


I have had a “Bit of a run” just lately, and as it takes 3 to 4 weeks to get a board from “Shaped” to “Ready to Collect”, I have had difficulty in getting any stock together.

I have noticed a “Run” in the more “Performance” type of boards, I have done quite a few Matte Lacquer Finishes recently, for “Custom Orders” too. Becks Board (1)

Paint Sprays are also featuring well, looks like Retro Resin Tints and the like are not “The Flavour” at the moment.

I have a few “Stock Boards” nearing completion, that will be “Ready To Go” next week. So if you are in the market for a New Longboard, but do not want to wait for a month for a Custom Order… get in touch with me soon.

Katy nose pose
I have shaped yet another “Easy to Nose-Ride Model”. It is being Glassed right now, 9’6″ long, and 23 1/2″ wide, Pintail, but with a generous “Hip Area”… and plenty of width in the nose. It has been shaped out of a “Standard Rocker Blank” so will not suit the “Purists” but should be the best of both in terms of Easy Turning and Tip Time.

I have taken a new direction in my Quest for the perfect Nose-Rider…. Lightweight Glassing, and a Matte Lacquer finish, so the Glide and Trim will not be so Automatic, but the “slow down and speed up” that makes Small Wave Nose-Riding so exciting should be built in…. we will see

Full Report when it is ready…. and Katy and I have been Playing!

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