Morocco …Again!


This place always delivers the goods.

The right hand point breaks of Morocco are legendary, and you know why when a decent size swell, with a good period hits the coastline.

The winds are pretty calm, offshore in the mornings and light cross in the afternoon….. it is the crowds that are the new problem….. just so many guys want a slice of the Moroccan Pie!CIMG6866

On the bigger days I am “Shortboard” but by way of a crowd equaliser I often ride my new Performance Longboard, which I have to say is going really well.CIMG6875

The shots above are just a Slice of the “Moroccan Pie” action…. a true reflection of how the waves are if you can be bothered to look, it needs a little “Whats around that next headland” approach, and you do not always score it good, nor alone…. but as I said…. the sun is always shinning.

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