Morocco is still good.


If you are prepared to “Get off your arse and look” there are still relatively empty waves to be had in Morocco.

Keen to avoid the Taraghzoute area north of Agadir …. which was a really “Favorite Spot” of my younger surf / travelling days, having returned to the famous Anchor Point many consecutive years from 1971 onwards….but now sadly seriously over-crowded, with bad attitude and loads of grief. In and Out of the water.

I took a flight to Marrakesh, hired a car and drove to the coast. Staying in the Medina at the tourist town of Essaouira.

I found no less than 3 reefs and 2 points, all within a 30 minute drive of where I was staying…. not bad eh, with No Sat Nav, no “Stormrider Guide” just a standard “Michelin Road Map” and some common sense. CIMG2669I was lucky with the weather and swell, while not having an epic “Winter Swell” to get the points firing, we did have plenty of light a variable winds to allow the reefs to do their thing.

I took my “Trusty” Performance Nose Rider…. and perform it did….getting plenty of compliments from the friendly “Local Crew”.

It is so refreshing to surf with like minded “Locals” and not have to be guarded about what you say or be aggressive in the water to get your share of waves.

I will be going back next year…. but next time I will take a Camper Van and do the whole coast, looking for that path “Less Well Trod”CIMG2678

Surf travel is still a major part of my life….getting those longer hours of sunshine and better waves just has an incredible “Feel Good” factor and now, as I am getting older, I feel I do not have enough time left to get it all done!

So many places to go…. so little time.

Best get some more tickets…..

…..pack up a trusty board or 2 and get going!

Next Trip…. South Africa.

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