Noserider Longboards


I am proud to shape Noserider Longboards.

I had a chat with a guy on the beach yesterday who seamed to think that Noserider Longboards were Old Fashioned!!

I tried to explain, that they sort of were, but also were not, and that most Modern Longboards were designed to Noseride….

….and it was the art or act of Nose-riding that many Longboard Surfers wanted to get better at.

I also tried to explain that pride of ownership in a Bespoke Longboard was important.

Something that looked old, but was in fact new, and even though it had all the characteristics of a surfboard made 30 or 40 years ago, was in fact full of not only high end modern composite materials, but traditional craftsmanship values….

I could see I was not getting through to him, and sadly he went away more confused than when we started our little chat.

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