Not every week is perfect for SURF!


Not every week in J bay is a great surf week. The past week or so proves this. Mixed wind conditions and small swells have all but put pay to getting in the ocean to surf. Sure I should ride all waves, the big and the small, the good quality and the poor, but when you have had loads of “GOOD” it does not seem so viable to surf the “BAD”.


So we have been doing the “Tourist” things…. and there is loads to see in and around J bay. Looking for wild life is one of the fave’s, but so far not really seen much, Monkey’s ….Yes, big Tortoise….Yes, but apart from that, only cows and horses!! We have spotted 4 Giraffes on a local Game Park, through the fence….but the were about 1 mile away, so can’t really count those!, and we have spotted a “Rougue Zebra” hiding amongst a herd of cows…. all very weird.


I find it difficult to discipline myself not to eat too much, when there is plenty of surf, it does not matter, but when there is little or no surf to burn off the calories….Oooops! additional inches soon appear!…. So a strict eating regime has had to be introduced…. so No good waves….AND no good food!…. I am not a happy bunny right now.


Experience has taught me that this happens all over the World, the dreaded Flat Spells…. one just has to learn to get through them. Experience has also taught me that some places are better than others as far as swell consistency and weather conditions, and as I am in one of those “Better” places…. I “Know” it will not be long before the good waves come…. let’s hope I am ready for them!

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