I have been given the chance to breathe some new life into this old label.

It is a little special for me, as Bilbo the very 1st time around, way back in the late 60′s sponsored me when I was just a “grom”.

Now Steve Kitt, the owner of the UK’s oldest surfboard label…. Est in 1965, has asked me to shape a couple for him.

The plan is to make a few “Up to date” retro boards, and make them affordable, so basic in the colour and the finishes, but aiming more in the quality of the ride and usability of the board…. these will not be Bilbo’s for the wall, but Bilbo’s to ride!

To get one of these “Limited Edition” Bilbo’s…. get in touch with me…. or Steve.

Contact me in the usual way (see my contact page on this website)

To get in touch with Steve e mail info@surfrepublic.net

You know it’s going to be good!

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