Performers all the way!


This is a Nose-Rider Performer that was finished last week. It was purchased by a really cool lady for her man….. “Lucky Guy”!

It is very similar to what I ride, at 9′ 1″ x 23″ x 3″… although those dimensions do not set the world on fire…. it is all in the combination of bottom shape and rail design.

I shape in just enough tail rocker to make this board lively, but still “Drive” well out of the turns, whilst keeping the nose flat and wide….. after all it is a NOSE-RIDER Performer!

All my New Generation Nose-Riders have a slightly “Softer Rail”.

Custom Order Longboards are what I specialize in, so do not panic if you feel that you have to “Fit Into” a given shape or size…. I will shape a board that is “Tailor Made” just for you, and the way you surf.

The new “Softer Rail” make the boards just a little more forgiving, and does not hinder outright performance too much…..there is nothing worse than having the best nose ride of the year, in front of your mates…. or the Go pro, only to dig a rail on the cutback because you were so excited, you never got back far enough on the board for the cutty!…. The new “Softer Rail” helps to combat this.

The “Performer” Range is better with the Matte Lacquer finish, not only is it much lighter than a Gloss and Polish, but about £100.00 cheaper too…..WIN/WIN I here you say.

Call me to order you next board…. Summer is nearly here!

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