Ready to “Glass”


The new “Summer Cruiser” is ready to glass.

I decided to go Large… 9′ 9″ long by 24″ wide and 3 1/4″ thick.

I have put in an excessive amount of “V” in the fin area of this Single fin “Whopper”, I was a little concerned that it would be difficult to turn, and as it is only a summer small wave board, the loss of speed should not be an issue.




The Square Nose is always a favorite of mine, it allows more nose area without compromise on the template shape. The nose and tail woodies just make it look retro…. even though this Nose-Rider will be far from that in it’s rail and bottom contours.

I have shaped this for myself, it will have a 1 colour Orange Tint, so if you see me in the water, or on the beach…. just ask for a “Go”, I always maintain best to Try a different board now and then…. might just alter your views!

You can always e mail me to book a “Test Ride”…. I need no money for this, but if I do not know you, I will need to hold some money against damage (Fully Returnable if no damage) and your driving license…. then you can go and “play”.

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