Sahara Lefts

KB Sahara Left

I love Morocco.

This shot was taken by my “Guide”…. Abdililiah ….(ABS for short) on a trip to the “Sahara Coast” of Morocco a couple of years ago…. I am planning a return soon, in my own van, spending a couple of months “In The South”

Life down here is harsher, less to occupy the tourist, few towns, fewer restaurants…. no alcohol…. but you can bring your own, loads of sand, which gets into everything…. and possibly the South of Morocco is not for everyone…. but the waves…. even on the small days…. just cook.

I am packing everything….. Wife, Dirtbike and Scrabble, not to mention all sizes of surfboards, kiteboards and kites…. might even throw in a case or 2 of beers and a bottle of gin!!

I love Morocco.

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