“Short” or “Mid Length” ?


Mid Length is the new bye word for all those boards that are not “Short Boards” and definitely not “Long Boards”, possibly not Mini Mals, or retro boards either….. so what are they?

Well….. my view is…I do not really know, and nor does it really matter.

I have always maintained that surfing is about FUN, and not what board you ride. So many guys want to “Label” you, as a result of the type of board you ride…..I think that at last, these “labels” are a thing of the past.

I am not really known as a Short Board Shaper, but I did do plenty of Bear Wombats, back in the day, and this is the type of board I am happy to shape now as a “Mid Length”


The “Old Wombat” was a great board, and I have incorporated much of that “Flavour” into my new Mid Length boards…. but the are not only Mid Length, but Mid Width and Mid Thickness too.

Plenty of “Float” is what is needed for a Mid length board, easy to catch waves and stable enough to allow for easy Pop Ups, and with the 10″ centre box and side FCS fin “Combination”…. easy to turn to boot.

Length should be in the 6’6″ to 6′ 8″ area for this type of High Volume board, any longer and it just becomes more like a Longboard, due to the wider tail dimensions!CIMG8510

One of the other nice traits of the Mid Length is almost all of them seem to have a nice Colour Job… so the sky is the limit on this one….. trawl the internet to see just what colours you like, and choose a design… then give me a call.

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