Special Artwork

Pauls Board 2

Paul came to me with a special request….. “Can I do my own Artwork”?

Well the answer is always yes, but I have seen private artwork before on boards, and it is usually quite disturbing how amateurish this can look…. so I was not confident.

BUT WOW!, …..Paul is very good at his craft.

All done with “Posca” pens on top of the smooth “Sand Coat” and before the board is finally Glossed and Polished as usual.Pauls Board 1

Just “Click” on the photo of the board, and zoom in to take a closer look at the detail…. especially where to Black meets the Yellow…. really “Trick”. Nice one Paul.

You might think that Paul will now hang this piece of art on his lounge wall…. but I am pleased to say that the board will be waxed up and surfed…. in fact, Paul is taking it with him on his next surf trip…. to Barbados…. Lucky B#=”%*r.

Paul is a “Commercial Artist”, and is available for commissions on surfboards…… let me know if you want your next board to be truly personalized….. and I will put you in touch with him.

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