Still small…. but perfect


The size of the waves has not really improved…. but the quality has.

The new swell has yet to get “into” J Bay, seams to be passing us by a little, but the actual wave quality is excellent.

I took the above shot, from my balcony…. I was too lazy to walk down for a better vantage point. I have already had 1 surf this morning…. a “dawn patrol” over to St Francis Beach, (Nr. Seal Point) which was good but not outstanding….. but as the tide starts to drop here at “Point” in J Bay…. it is starting to look vey good.

Now it is a timing thing, to get the best waves with the least people…. so go in now and not get the best waves ‘cos the tide is too high, but be alone… or wait a while and get better waves…. but undoubtedly with the after work crew….. I think I will go for the FULL SESH….. go in soon….. and stay till I cannot paddle out any more!!

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