Summer 2017…. it’s nearly here!

Appologies for little or no “Posts” over the past few months, been away…. Morocco, the land of right hand point breaks (with 1 particularly good left point) and very slow internet!! I tried many times to get stuff uploaded, and finally just gave up.CIMG5388

The “Trip” was close to epic, not super big, but loads of medium quality surf, long boards and short boards were in operation, and I even took a few orders while I was away, guys in Morocco and UK travelling surfers, I need to get some waterproof business cards printed.CIMG5649

Anyway…. I am back. In the shaping bay next week, (after my excess of Chocolate eggs has settled down) and keen to create more fine wave riding equipment.CIMG4364

I have a few “Custom Order Longboards” to shape, I will do a couple for stock…. and I might just do another one for myself…. Rude not to really!! I am still after that replacement for my “Go To” 9′ 0″. It is getting very beaten up now. I seam to be making great boards for others, but have yet to make a “Perfect” board for my replacement…. maybe I am trying too hard!!

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