Surfboard Shaping Courses


DESIGN AND SHAPE your own board!

This is something you may have wanted to do for a while, but just do not know where to or how to start.

I am doing a few “Shape Your Own Longboard” days here in Newquay this summer. These “Full Day Courses” are aimed at guys who want learn to shape longboards…. or just fancy having a go at shaping their own board, as a one off…..which as a surfer, I feel everyone should shape a board for themselves at least once in their lives!

This “Shaping Day” is designed to be a “One on One” course…. just you and me (However you could share this course with a mate to offset some of the costs)

The “Day” will consist of an hour or two in the “Classroom” (The office in my house), where we will talk “Design Criteria” and try to guage the correct board for you….. shapewise, we will touch on the differences of “Plan Shapes” (or templates), the importance of the correct “Rocker” for you and the waves you intend to surf, thickness or “Foil” and of course “Rail Shapes”

We will then spend the rest of the day in the “Shaping Room”, where you will be “Hands On”, I will show you “How to”….. and you will “Shape”. I will be there to correct any mistakes. I want you to “Shape” the best board you can…. but I will be on hand, 100% of the time, to make sure that this actually hapens, by correcting any mistakes that you make on the actual blank, (and if needed or required, take over on the dificult bits).

You will only be shaping…. when “We” have finished, you will mark the fin positions, and “Sign” the board….. and place it in the rack for the guys in the factory to finish in the usual way….. the board you shape will be every bit as “Professional” as any of the boards that leave the factory…. so a product that you can be proud of, a Longboard that will actually work for you and one you will probably keep for ever!!

I am happy to “Show you how to Shape” in either of 2 ways……

You pay me for my time, and “We” shape a “Stock” board…. so you only pay for the “Teaching” aspect and not the actual surfboard….

OR…… “We” design and shape a board specifically for YOU, and the factory will finish it off as if it were one of my usual boards for a customer…. we can even have your own “Decal” printed, so this board would be a 100% individual Longboard…. Your Statement. (We can always put one of my “KB Decals” on this board, and we will both sign it)

This is not a “Backyard” ….. make your own surfboard in a week deal….. This will be me, a professional Longboard Shaper, Teaching or Showing …. or just helping you to SHAPE YOUR OWN LONGBOARD….. it will be Sprayed (Your Colour Scheme of course), Glassed, Sanded and Polished etc.etc by the other professionals in the factory…. so apart from the signature on the board (and possibly the Decal) this will be every bit as GOOD as one of my usual “Custom Order Longboards”

The price for the “Shaping Element” of the course will stay the same…. but the price of YOUR longboard will of course vary depending on Specifications….Size, Colour designs or Resin Tints, and Finishes…. Matte Laquer or Full Gloss and Polish etc.etc.

E mail me for a “Chat” on when, and how much etc.etc., and let’s get your “Dream into a Reality”

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