The All New “Easy Nose-Rider” Model



The All New “Easy Nose-Rider” Model is ready. After a last minute rush to get the board finished, final “wet and dry” process of the Matte Lacquer finish was completed late last night… Katy was on the beach in the Peranporth Round of the BLU contest series at 8.00am sharp this morning!

The board peformed well, according to Katy, but strangely she did not have an opportunity to test out the Ease of the Nose-Riding in the slightly sloppy waist high contest conditions.

She did say, however, how good it was to Take Off, and Turn…. and good start for such a big board, with a 60kg surfer riding. Katy particularly liked the forgiving nature of the back hand turns….. saying how easy it was to “Slide In” going left (Back hand for her) in conditions that would usually cause her to falter or hesitate.

It must have felt good for her, as she won her heat, and against the same tough competitors that all beat her in the last 1st Round heat at Saunton a month or so ago.

She is hoping for small clean faces to put the new model though it’s paces in tomorrows Final’s Day.

This “Easy Nose-Rider” Model is available for anyone to “Demo”…. if we can get it away from Katy that is!

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