The “Big Boy” Traditional Nose-Rider


The new “Big Boy” Traditional Nose-Rider is finally ready.

At 9′ 4″ x 24″ x 3 1/4+”, this is a Big Board, but I have tried to keep a little “Sexyness” in the tail so you can still turn it.

It is as close to the Old Skool nose-riders as I can get…. lots of roll in the bottom, right thru’ to the tail along with super soft rails, again, all the way thru’…. so should be “sticky”, allowing for those longer, glide style nose-rides, that I am trying to achieve.

I have only put in a single box, so no options on fin set ups…. just a good old fashioned Big Single Fin

To make this board a little special, I made a Multi Layup Tail Woody, with some Resin Tint in-between the Hardwood laminates…. I think it has come out really well.

I have been trying, on and off, to get the traditional Nose-Rider correct over the past few years, but I personally still tend to go for a more Performance Nose-Rider…. I am thinking that as I am soon to be a “Surfing Pensioner” ….collecting my State pension in a couple of months…. it might be time to slow it down a little….. so hoping that this is the board. As always….testing will say “Yay or Nay”!

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