The biggest “Cruiser Noserider” yet


10′ 2″ x 24″ x 3 1/4″, but still with subtle shaping to make this a “Noserider”

The brief from Andrew was simple….

“I want a big stable platform to practice and improve my cross-stepping to the nose”

So here we have it….. lots of tail lift, (As much as the blank would allow) so Andrew can still hopefully turn it, really soft rails, even at the tail, to help the board stay “STUCK” to the wave.

A big wide nose with the all familiar Nose Scoop under the feet, whilst “Up There”

Only thing with such a big board…. it will take more steps to actually get to the nose…. but maybe that is the idea.

Making a Nose-Riding Machine for the UK waves is always a challenge..

…many of our waves here in the UK are Beach Breaks and generally, on beaches with little or no “Topography” to make good, consistant banks….

….so it is down to the tidal currents and swells to form or destroy the banks…. if we are lucky, we have “Constructive” small swells for a while…. and hey “BINGO” nice banks, and that is where this BIGGER type of nose rider will come into it’s own.

The problem with the BIG BOARDS is that they do not turn or change direct as well, so nice clean Point Breaks are the ideal, catch the wave…. which will be EASY on this one, do the “Cruisey” drawn out bottom turn, set the rail edge and start cross-stepping….

Lets hope we have an Autumn of nice small “Constructive” swells for Andrew to hone his skills.

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