The “Classic” makes a comeback!


The “Classic Triple Stringer” with the nose a tail “Woodies” makes a comeback.

I have not shaped a “triple” for a while. Maybe this is because I am not a great fan of the additional stiffness that is inherent in a Triple Stringer Board. I actually explain to guys that if you want to “Surf” a board, it has to have a certain amount of “Flex”, which the Triple Stringer boards just don’t have….BUT

….if you want a board that is more of a “Glide and Trim” master, then the “Triple” is the perfect tool, AND it looks great too!

Yes they are a pain to shape, yes they do not have the same “Flex”, yes they are heavier…. but wow do they turn heads.

So if you are looking for that special board, the one that other guys really covet, a board that is for those perfect small days, when all you want to do is take off, Trim and Glide, with the occasional nose-ride, then this is the board you want.

The one in the picture is a custom order, and so not for sale…. but your “Classic” is only a phone call or an e mail away.

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