The last day….

CIMG7552 What a site to wake up to….

Red sky in the morning, I was expecting a “Crap” day for my Last Day in J bay!

The weather was UK like, but hot, grey sky, light rain but strangely warm…. oh and the waves…. small and lumpy from the on-shore the afternoon before….

By mid morning, still rain and cloud but now with off-shores blowing, by late morning….WOW, more swell, and the off-shore had cleaned up the waves…. and only a hand full of guys out….. The Last Surf.CIMG7557

So 2 hours of almost empty perfectly shaped waves, and getting bigger all the time.

Back home for some lunch and all those last minute things to sort out before a big trip. To get home to the UK it is a short flight to Jo’Burg from Port Elizabeth, a few hours lay over, then the Big Flight to London Heathrow…. but for us, another 6 hours in the car to Cornwall.

Already 4.00pm, and out for diner with friends at 6.00pm, and the waves look so good I have to have one last “Play”….CIMG7556 I did not get any photo’s of the “Last Surf”, it was all a bit hectic. ….but it was good, a little crowded, as the whole of J bay knew it was now “On”. Wall to wall sunshine and head and a half high, in perfect conditions…. I do Love J bay.

Now it is all over, well at least for this trip.

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