The last Week!


Well, down to the last week. J Bay is still producing “The Goods” even though the swells are a little small of late. I was hoping for nice overhead waves for the last week. The forecast for swell actually looks OK, but the winds are not…. but we will see. The “Forecast” is not always correct……

It has beed a quiet last couple of weeks, loadsa good quality waves to be had, but only in the waist to head high size bracket. But to get this into perspective…. it has been almost “Hot and Sunny” every day, with lots and lots of “Off Shore” wind, and not that many guys in the water…. so pretty perfect really…. I think I have been here too long….and have just become a little complacent with paradise!

I have shaped a new Nose Rider- Performer, with a little more emphasis on the “Nose Riding” part, still only 9′ 0″ and a tad over 23″ wide…. but much more foam left in the nose and the front half of the board in general….. I am trying to achieve an “Easy Nose Rider” flavour…. the sort of board that almost anyone can get up to the tip and experience that delicate balance of speed and skill that is “Longboard Noseriding”…..We will see. I collect the board tomorrow, lets hope for a nice clean small swell with some off shores.

The last week of a long trip is always sad….. it is hard not to reflect on all the good days that have gone, especially when the waves have not been “Epic” recently. I must now focus on the Summer in the UK. We also get good waves there too, especially down in Cornwall, and now I have a little more time to travel in my own “Backyard” I should be able to get in the water most days.

I need to get back “On it” in those varied beach break conditions that I actually relish…. wierd how even a perfect right hand point break can get a bit boring after a long trip. I love the “Point” here in Jeffreys Bay, it is possibly my all time favourite wave anywhere, but it is now time for a change. Beach Break Kernow here I come.

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