the “Mother” of Nose-Riders

CIMG4155This is a Big One! Should make one “Mother” of a Nose-Rider. Size is 9′ 9″ x 24 1/2″ x 3 5/16″ it is a BIG BOARD. I have kept the rails as skinny as I dare for such dimensions, with little or no hard edges anywhere…. should really “Stick” to the wave for extended “Nose Time”CIMG4152
With a nose width of over 19″ and a generous scoop, still keeping plenty of foam underfoot, I do not expect anything other than exceptional “Tip Time”.

No side FCS just a 10″ box, with plenty of width in “The Hip” but also plenty of soft rolled “VEE”….. this beauty will catch waves really easily and should still turn OK.


To complete the look…. it has a full Orange Tint with Deck Patch, Fin Patch and generous Cut Laps, nose and tail WOODIES mitre cut into the stringer at both ends…. and a glorious Full Gloss and Polish Finish.

This board will make heads turn in and out of the water.

The only downer will be “The Price”.

I was going to use it myself, and maybe I will, if the right day comes along before it is sold…. Serious Enquiries only please.

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