The Nose-Rider Performer


The Nose-Rider Performer is in demand this season.

I have not shaped so many “Retro” boards so far this season, which actually does surprise me, as the new Longboard Judging Criteria for the competitions is all Cross Step, Nose Ride and Drop Knee! All the big names are on Retro’s at the moment!

For “Custom Order’s” of the NOSE-RIDER PERFORMER always use the same template, and even the rocker stays very similar, I just play with the “Foam Volumes” and “Rail Shape” to make it “Fit” the customers requirements.

Colours and Finishes are also to Customers Specifications…..Gloss and Polish or in this case Matte Lacquer.

As much as I like the Full Retro Flavour…. I do like boards that I know will “Perform”!

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