The “Small” version


This is the “Small” sister to the Trad Nose-Rider.

Still the same aims….

Easy Paddling.

Easy Take Off.

Great for those “Pivot” turns.

and …. excellent for nose rides.

The “Original” traditional Nose-Rider was in sizes 9′ 4″ to 9′ 8″, and while a great size for this board, I had to accept it is not a good size for lighter surfers… so the 9′ 0 1/2″ version was born.

Still with the Flat Rocker, still with the “Wider Hip Area” and still with the narrower old style nose. Width in the nose is not the only way to get a board to nose-ride well. I tend to keep the bottom contours rolled and the rails soft…. this produces a “Sucky” feel to the board, almost sticky when you are on the nose…. slowing down the board speed but without loss of control.

Great for those Old Skool, Retro nose rides.CIMG1039

This beauty was specified by Katy…. my daughter. Blue resin Tint with the Skulls and Glitter material inlay…also in blue…. I even had a Blue KB decal. Tail Woody and black pins to finish it off…… lets hope it goes as good as it looks….. with Katy on it …. I am sure it will.

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