Time to “Nose-Ride”

KB Sahara Left

Summer is now “officially” here!

Hot and Sunny, lots of cool drinks needed, Sunscreen and Hats essential…. Oh! and a Good Nose-Rider too.

I have been shaping quite a few “Traditional Nose-Riders lately, but I myself have not yet made the leap to this “new” flavour of board. Maybe it is because I am OLD, maybe I do not like CHANGE…. I just don’t know.

One thing that is for sure…. I do like to Nose-ride.

I am in the shaping bay this week, and so I will shape myself a new Board. I am going fully retro! 9′ 4″ ish, with wide nose….and Hips, lots of “Rock and Roll”…. and supersoft rails…. even in the tail. We shall see.CIMG3695

I will do the Nose and Tail Woodies thing too…. no need for weight saving on this type of board.

Trying to shape a “feeling” is sometimes difficult…. I am trying to capture the sense of freedom in my surfing, easy take off’s, Fun, that Casual walk to the nose…. and more Fun…. all very real in my mind, but not so easy to translate into a board….. it might just be a mental approach rather than the actual board…. but I have to start somewhere, and the shaping bay, for me, is the best place to make that start!

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