Time to “prepare”


This is why we need to prepare…. to be “ready” for the not so frequent “Good Days”

It is the middle of the summer here in the UK. And although the waves have not been epic this Summer Season, there are things that we can do to “Prepare” for the Next season or Surf Trip etc.etc.

In the summer we should be fitter and keener, longer hours of daylight, less need for stodgy foods, less clothes to wear in and out of the water. Now is the time to make the most of these “Natural Advantages” that we have, and turn them into Positive Preparations ready for the Autumn and Winter surf fest that we all hope is on the way. Or that up coming Surf Trip, that we are thinking of planning!

I am running a series of Longboard Surf Clinics during the next 6 weeks for just this purpose.

I hope to attract individuals or very small groups of guys who can already surf…. and my criteria for being able to surf is catch unbroken waves more than 50% of the time.

These Lonboard Surf Clinics will be based from my house in Porth, (between Watergate and Newquay) for the classroom type of stuff, before we go to the best local beach for the practical side…. wave conditions, weather and tide being the deciding factors as to where we go..

I am not doing the “Full Day” clinics that I have done in the past….. but more manageable 1/2 day ones.

Prices are £75.00 per person per half day. I will take single “guys” or “gals”…. so one to one, or 2 surfers at a time…. I would consider larger groups if this was a “Family Group” or close knit crew who knew each other well. (Prices can be discussed for these slightly larger groups)

So whether you are learning the finer points of “Trim”, or “Stall” Nose-Riding…. or just want to get your “Take Off’s” and “Bottom Turns” a bit better, my Summer, Half Day, Longboard Clinic is for you.

Drop me an e mail or give me a call for more info…… see the “Contact” Page above

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