9′ 0″ Trad’ Nose Rider “For Sale”

I have a 9′ 0″ version of my Traditional Nose-Rider nearing completion at the factory.

This is the smaller sized model, the standard Trad’ Nose being 9′ 4″ up to 9′ 8″

It still has the same characteristics as the “Full Size” board, but aimed at guys who value a little less volume, and as such this one should turn a little tighter, and have just a small amount of performance built in.

This is the same Trad’ Nose that I have just shaped for Katy… my daughter, I thought it looked SO GOOD, I decided to do another… as a “Stock” board.

So…. with a “Full Template”, and some extra width in the “Hip”, and of course plenty of area in the nose, this board will “Glide” particularly well. I have kept as much tail rocker as the blank would allow, and being only 9′ 0 1/2″ it should turn well off the tail.

A “Low Rocker” blank was used, and I have shaped the rails to be very soft, to encourage the water to flow around them and create a stickiness, that should hold the board down to the wave…. helping with the amount of “Tip Time” available per wave.

The downside to the “super soft rails” is speed…. or lack of it. This board while not feeling sluggish, will not be super fast along the wave….. but hey, that is not what it is designed for….

This board is designed to copy those Old Trad’ Nose-Riders, the Style Guru’s of the late 60′s and 70′s…. with easy, early take off’s, smooth fade bottom turns, slow and meticulous walks to the nose, and the unashamed casual pose when you get up there. Retro Longboarding at it’s best.

It is finished with a “Yellow Resin Tint” on the the deck and the bottom, a single box only and a Full Gloss with High Polish Finish.

Contact Me for more info….. See “Contact” page above.

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