UK Winter….. More Dreaming

J Bay via Kristian

I find myself in unfamiliar territory this winter….. I am here in the UK!

I usually close down my Board Shaping Operation after Christmas and travel to the sun…. usually South Africa. It is cold here, and warm there, PLUS the amount of business that I do is very spasmodic between Christmas and Easter… so it is a Win Win.

This year was different, a family matter has kept me in the UK, and I had forgotten just how Cold and Miserable the UK winters can be.

I have been surfing, but only on the good days, when the waves are “Just So”. I do not like the Ice Cream headaches, nor the serious punishment that one can get in the “Stormy” conditions that we have been having since the start of 2018…. so I have only ventured into the ocean a couple of times, most of my time is spent….DREAMING.

Dreaming of my favorite surf spot in the World “The Point” in Jeffreys Bay (See photo above, sent to me by my friend Kristian, who was there a few weeks ago).

I will still be going, but not for a little while, and not for “The Whole Winter”. So Dreaming it is, and the purchase of a new Winter Wetsuit.

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